Sunday, March 13, 2011

5 Video Games Im Excited For

heres a list of the top 5 video games that I am most looking forward to. 1 being the most excited for

5.  Brink- Freerunning + FPS = Awesome
4. Gears of War 3- Chainsaw Rifles, Meatshields and lots of blood
3. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim- Oblivion was like crack and lets hope this ones no different
2. Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception- the second one had some of the best graphics ive ever seen
1. Mass Effect 3- Second one had an amazing story and choices that affected the game, so excited

Leave a comment telling me your top 5 most anticipated games.


  1. my most anticipated game, star wars the old republic :)

    by the way, great trailers!

  2. I'm excited fro brink... Followed!

  3. portal was fun its probably number 7 on my list
    6 being arkham city